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A peaceful dreamland awaits you on Camiguin, a fabulous getaway Island of steep volcanoes, lush jungle and white beaches like White Island. In this pristine setting, you'll find not only springs to soothe your body but also the clear pool and cold spring of Sto. Nio.
The stunning Katibawasan Falls and hiking trails to thrill your senses. The spectacular 250-foot falls (76 m.) cascades down to a pool surrounded by orchids and ferns. Located 4 kms. from Mambajao.This is also the favorite jump-off point for trekkers and mountaineers in search of adventure in the slopes of Mt. Hibok-Hibok.

The harvest of sweet lanzones fruit is celebrated every year during the third week of October with a long weekend of street dancing, parades and pageants in the main town of Mambajao. People from around the Philippines flock to the Lanzones Festival,which features costumes displays, sports and dances, as well as the highly popular Miss Camiguin Tourism beauty pageant. The festival is centered around the lanzones, a fruit with pale brown skin and a sweet translucent flesh, which is the main income source of Mambajao. The town is draped with fruits during the Lanzones Festival which highlights locally grown produce, indigenous sports, folk dancing and a grand parade, choosing a festival beauty queen brings the celebration to choose.

In the heart of the island bubbles the flowing mineral pools of Ardent Hot Springs. Mists rise from the heated waters running down from the vents of Hibok-Hibok Volcano, the only active one among the seven on the island. Revel in the therapeutic waters and picnic beneath the sheltering trees.

By day, take an island tour to some of Camiguin Island's other attractions: the clear pools of Sto. Nino Cold Spring, Bura Soda Springs the slender beauty of Katibawasan Falls.

Boat trips can be arranged to the Old Volcano & Sunken Cemetery and the isolated white-sand bar called simply White Island which is only a 10 minute ride from the Beach Club or for the more adventurous Mantigue Island a marine & nature reserve which has stunning diving and snorkeling and pristine white beaches.

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